Window Seating

There is always something special about having seating around the window and the love for window seating is not new. The idea of sitting by a window is always exciting whether you want to enjoy reading a book or having a chat or just spending sometime alone.

Now with time, as the living spaces are becoming smaller, we also have to use our spaces in the best possible way and window seating is a perfect example. We can make it more interesting by creating storage below, besides or even above the seating. This storage can be used to store books, shoes, newspapers  and so on depending on where the seating is!  Best thing this cozy nook compliments all styles of interior design- classical, contemporary, eclectic, retro, name it! Including a cozy window seating in a room will also become a design element to fulfill the functional needs of the room.

A professional interior designer can support in planning the living room or bedroom window spaces for a cozy, comfortable and spacious seating with storage for efficient living.

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