Wardrobe design to save space

Wardrobe design – Do we expect much when thinking about wardrobes or closet in our house expect the external visual decor. If a wardrobe interior shelves and accessories are planned well, it could do the necessary and equal amount of storage in a smaller dimension of wardrobe or closet.

If you survey some of the wardrobes which are already in use, you will find lots of unused spaces inside and not having functional interior designs to store all types of merchandise inside for convenient storing and removal.

Here it gives an indication that, if the wardrobe shelves, cabinets, storages are designed properly in a residential interior or a commercial interior, it can help in increasing the open space and reduce the size of the furniture’s around. However it is tricky to comment here that the overall cost of the furniture’s may reduce as we may end up using innovative hardware accessories to create extra breathing space.

A good interior designer needs to consider all these points when doing the requirement analysis and initial planning of the furniture or woodwork to deliver the best interior design options. For any interior design requirements, click or send us your details with floor plan to contact@hi-living.net.

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