Design your wall

A great way to create a theme in any room is to decorate the wall with some designer elements. Some Wall decor products to add your personality, thoughts and creativity to your home, you can use E-glue, Wallz; these are the designer home decor products from France and Copenhagen respectively.

E-glue is a new age wall decals, designed by French designers to create amazing themes for infants, kids and even adults. There is wide range to choose in colours, themes and sizes to decorate the wall of your room.

Wallz is a great alternative to regular art, posters or framed pictures. Wallz enables your walls to be like a canvas to put your imagination on your walls using Wallz tiles.

These exclusive wall decor products are available at Tailor-Bird, you can use either a wall decal/sticker or wall tiles to give a concept to your wall. Please reach out to Tailor-Bird or to us to know more about these wall decoration products, offers, discounts and prices.

If you need an advise on wall decor ideas, you can contact us on wall decoration options. Also if you are looking for a complete interior design solution in Bangalore, Goa or anywhere in India, please send your query with requirements and floor plan to

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