Touch-Free Smart Storage Furniture With UV Disinfectant for Improving Hygiene & Safety During COVID-19

Post COVID-19 there will be a higher emphasis on hygiene and safety from pathogens, viruses in our day-to-day lifestyles. Our team has been working on the smart hardware for automating standard lifestyle furniture with the option to include disinfecting capabilities using UV or ultraviolet.

In the changing times, it has become even more important for us to contribute with innovative solutions in whichever field we work, think out of the box to propose ideas and solutions for humankind’s wellbeing by initiating a change in people’s lifestyles which they practice in their day-to-day living. The ideas and solutions which can improve hygiene and protect humankind & society with situations raised during COVID-19.

Our internal thought leaders at Hi-Living (a subsidiary of HomDE Creative Solutions, Bangalore) in their specific field of expertise i.e. architecture, furniture, interior design, technology, creativity, etc. instead of offering a paradigm shift in the interior design of residential or commercial places, which can help contain & restrict pathogens or viruses from homes or offices, proposed redesigning some layout and furniture operation or making a fully-fitted furniture with smart hardware mechanism which can work in a touch-free mode when you enter your space from outside and can help disinfect the items i.e. bags, shopping items, wallets, masks, phones, keys, etc. with the help if UV disinfection methods. In this premium UV box, UV activation works only when the lid is closed to avoid any exposure while in use.

As a solution offering, proposed few changes or additions to the already owned furniture (need to be compatible as per specification) with modification by adding our sensory hardware automation or owning a pre-build UV storage box with touch-free workflow can help in improving the health and safety of humankind while practicing a normal lifestyle.

Our pre-built smart storage furniture which is best suited for the foyer or at the entrance of a residential or commercial premises which includes an automation with the touch-free operation and UV disinfectant for adding another hygiene and disinfecting capability for the items brought from outside while entering home/office. The must-have high-quality disinfectant box may support faster and more convenience in disinfecting efforts at places i.e. schools, offices, shops, homes, etc.

This smart storage furniture or cabinet features a wooden storage box for aesthetic and functional usage at the entrance or foyer area with the traditional or modern design theme and an advanced Make-In-India sensor hardware technology for adding an automatic touch-free operation. The workflow for the sensory hardware is designed for an enhanced user experience by eliminating user touch and disinfection is performed through a time-controlled UVC light disinfection on the items/objects kept inside.

The sensory hardware is indigenously designed in India by our internal team of lifestyle and technologist professionals at Hi-Living (a subsidiary of HomDE Creative Solutions, Bangalore, Karnataka, India) for future smart living and adding hygiene and convenience in day-to-day living.

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