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Smart home appliances

smart home interior design
We are progressing towards smart living with intelligent home devices for optimal comfort, safety, efficiency in day to day living. Let's explore the list of basic smart home appliances or devices - Smart lighting control based on movement, light quantity, timer on-off switch, etc Smart electricity meter and control unit Temperature controlled HVAC system Voice/Biometric controlled door Rain [...]

Luxury Interior Design Ideas

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How to do a luxury home interior design? There are many interior design ideas to convert a house to a luxury home by following a particular interior design style. Interior designing is both creative & technical in nature, therefore consulting a interior designer may yield a better result when you are doing interior decoration of [...]

FAQ on interior design & decor

Below you will find FAQ on interior design by people looking for interior design & décor solution. We do understand that it is a tricky decision to make to identify the right professional to handover the job. If we are based out of Bangalore, how you can address our interior design requirements?Our comprehensive list of questionnaire helps [...]

Design & Décor Collaboration

Dear Visitor/Vendors/Collaborators/Contributors, this space is for adding design ideas & suggestion in the field of interior design & décor which purely describes creativity, value for money designs, state-of-art designs, new innovations, interior product, new materials, etc. Click here to contribute your design idea/creativity/images/etc. for interior design. If you are looking for a interior design consulting [...]

Interior Design Services

For any interior design and decoration project enquiry, call us at contact@hi-living.net   Interior Designing We thrive to achieve perfection, therefore our approach to residential or commercial interior design projects is to provide our client with a unique & creative interior design solutions that are functionally, visually and commercially viable. Our processes monitor to ensure each particular [...]