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Smart Foyer For Safe Living

A uv/uvc ultraviolet germicidal lamp box/storage/cabinet/chamber. The sterilizer/disinfectant box/storage/cabinet/chamber is made with high-quality wood material for a must-have lifestyle furniture suitable for home/office/residence/commercial use and it works an essential sterilizer/disinfectant to improve hygiene and safety from pathogens with uv/uvc treatment on the items placed inside such as personal items (wallet, keys, mobile), school bag, office bag, shopping bag. This UV/UVC box/storage/cabinet/chamber disinfection/sterilization with UV/UVC/ultraviolet lamp works is designed to work as a smart furniture and is included with features like auto/automatic open/close lid/door and the UV light on/off is controlled with the lid open/close mode. UV disinfectant/sterilizer is activated when the lid closes with auto-off after the UVC light disinfection/sterilization process. The storage furniture box is designed as a future lifestyle home improvement product and to become a must-have furniture at home/office/school/commercial places.

Soon hygiene and social distancing will be a new normal in our lifestyle, from home or office living we may soon start redesigning the areas which separate the interior and exterior of a property i.e. foyer, entrance. Let’s look at how a smart UV storage/box/cabinet furniture may redefine the safety and hygiene of a residential […]