Smart Foyer For Safe Living

Soon hygiene and social distancing will be a new normal in our lifestyle, from home or office living we may soon start redesigning the areas which separate the interior and exterior of a property i.e. foyer, entrance.

Let’s look at how a smart UV storage/box/cabinet furniture may redefine the safety and hygiene of a residential house from the foyer space of the house. Since the foyer or the entrance of a property separates exterior from the interior space, this smart furniture which features touch-free opening/closing and disinfection process through UV or ultraviolet sterilization of items brought from outside will be the essential design and product elements that will provide an improved and higher degree protection and will act as smart UV disinfectant box or smart storage furniture.

Our team at Hi-Living has crafted some smart furniture, door design concepts, and designs which include sensor-based automation & disinfectant technology to provide greater safety & well-being. The COVID-19 interior design primarily includes a separated area within foyer which is created with a combination of products i.e. smart door, disinfectant cabinet or container, smart shoe rack, etc to provide convenience and safety in day to day living in the house and to avoid mistakes to bring inside any viruses or bacteria. This may be a new normal in our interior design industry and we are following a focussed interior design style to add safety and well-being in lifestyle. This smart UV storage box helps disinfect and sterilize personal use items, shopping bags, school bags, mobile, wallet, keys, toys, etc. and may feature as essential UV box in our lifestyle and suitable for use at home, office, school, commercial places.

The foyer or entrance smart furniture products is a high-quality and premium must-have furniture for future living and as mentioned above may follow any interior design style or theme for a smart storage box, but it will include the technology for human health and safety. For more details, please write to us at and our interior design consultant can help with designs for well-being and hygiene.

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