The market survey and analytic in the area of architecture, interior designing and landscaping indicating a growing demand of skilled and talented professionals by people looking for services in the field of architecture, interior designing and landscaping.

Indian market needs young and talented professional who are already practising and pursuing trainings in these fields. Creative professional with good subject knowledge or hands-on experience will be in demand and will be preferred by clients seeking services. Unfortunately this industry is not organised and needs an effort to bring talents on a common platform to showcase their creativity and capability to handle all sizes of projects. Professionals can achieve this by submitting their design acumen, ideas, work which is either creative or low cost or eco-friendly or unique or innovative, etc.

Our mission is to create opportunity & career for the best of the young and affordable talents who are interested in getting promoted, learning, collaboration, intern-ship in live projects, handling live projects independently, assisting senior professionals in projects, etc.

Think, observe, learn and be creative is our mantra. There is always an opportunity to innovate, so if you are a architect, interior designer, landscape architect and looking to grow as a professional submit your great design ideas and make yourself active in the design ideas. Contact us at for more info and professional collaboration.

Please read the guidelines carefully in the idea submission page before submitting your design ideas.


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