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HomDe prioritizes hygiene products for consumer need .

HomDe comes up with Smart Storage Furniture With UV Disinfectant for Improving Hygiene & Safety During COVID-19.August is here and Corona Virus is still in our concerted mind space, As the Pandemic continues customers are looking for hygiene solutions like never before and are consistently acknowledging e-commerce platforms which can reinforce their hygiene needs. we [...]

Touch-Free Smart Storage Furniture With UV Disinfectant for Improving Hygiene & Safety During COVID-19

Post COVID-19 there will be a higher emphasis on hygiene and safety from pathogens, viruses in our day-to-day lifestyles. Our team has been working on the smart hardware for automating standard lifestyle furniture with the option to include disinfecting capabilities using UV or ultraviolet. In the changing times, it has become even more important for [...]

Smart Foyer For Safe Living

Soon hygiene and social distancing will be a new normal in our lifestyle, from home or office living we may soon start redesigning the areas which separate the interior and exterior of a property i.e. foyer, entrance. Let’s look at how a smart UV storage/box/cabinet furniture may redefine the safety and hygiene of a residential […]

Interior design post-COVID-19

Impact of pandemic will loosen someday soon and the safety and well-being will no longer be optional, as it would have become an important part of our daily life, be at home or be at the workplace. Every space may need to adapt interior design post-COVID-19 to ensure it has factored safety and well-being in […]

Pocket Doors For Small Spaces

What is a pocket door? How much popular are pocket doors in India? When there is not enough interior room space, a pocket door can be a perfect alternative for better space usability where a hinge or swing door can create a cramped sense of space. A pocket door is an architectural approach with a [...]

Ergonomic Interior Design

Scientifically and practically there can be many attributes in an interior design planning, therefore an interior design professional can think of these while planning the interior design concepts for their clients. These attributes will vary based on the client’s situations and preferences i.e. lifestyle, space size, purpose, location, budget, health & safety, etc. and which […]

Interior Design Cost Calculation

How to calculate or budget the interior design cost for my house? What are the important design elements to determine the total expenses in designing & decorating a house? We would try to answer this in a simple way, let’s breakdown the related activities of this project and list high-level designing and decoration work-items to [...]

Tricks for Making a Dark Room Brighter

Tricks for Making a Dark Room Brighter Home is the place where you should feel happy, relaxed and free. However, sometimes your home can make you feel sad and depressed. There can be several reasons for that, including small confined spaces, clutter and, of course, poor lighting. There is a strong relationship between darkness and [...]

Wardrobe Interior Design

An organised wardrobe means organised living. Mostly morning rush can become easy if everything in our wardrobe has place for itself. From ironed shirts, trousers, belts, ties, saris, frocks, handkerchiefs or even our favorite perfume has an allocated place we can save a lot of time and energy. An intelligent interior design focuses not only […]

Window Seating

There is always something special about having seating around the window and the love for window seating is not new. The idea of sitting by a window is always exciting whether you want to enjoy reading a book or having a chat or just spending sometime alone. Now with time, as the living spaces are becoming […]

Future home interior design

Looking into 21st century it is evident that evolution of design, engineering, technology, lifestyle, etc. is very fast and thus it is also sure that the construction, architecture and interior designing sectors will also see a surge in demand for futuristic space planning and execution. Therefore a future home interior design will need to include additional design […]

Smart home appliances

We are progressing towards smart living with intelligent home devices for optimal comfort, safety, efficiency in day to day living. Let's explore the list of basic smart home appliances or devices - Smart lighting control based on movement, light quantity, timer on-off switch, etc Smart electricity meter and control unit Temperature controlled HVAC system Voice/Biometric controlled door Rain [...]

Future Home Technologies

Global technology companies are exploring possibilities with future home market. Today internet has become commonly available to everyone and an inevitable part of everyone’s life, and thus technology companies are exploring possibilities with it to create innovative products and services to offer for future homes. Let’s look at what are the different scenarios for a […]

Waste management in a house

A good waste management for any size of house will be important in coming years. It’s becoming difficult to dispose residential waste by local municipal bodies and therefore there is an expectation to take responsibility by every individual houses to segregate the waste into recyclable and non-recyclable materials, install portable waste processing units, etc. If an efficient planning […]

Low maintenance home interior

Domestic help is becoming rare and expensive and hence low maintenance home interior is becoming popular. A low maintenance home interior is a house setup which provides a comfortable living with minimal maintenance for lighting, home appliances, painting, cleaning, washing, cooking, etc. Let’s look at what are the possible options to create a low maintenance and efficient […]

Healthy home décor

An interior design for a house which provides a healthy home interior. Very often seen that there are poor cross ventilation, low lighting, clean air issues,  in many houses which leads to poor quality living and hence unhealthy life. However, by means of some good interior design and smart setting up the interior work of the house, one […]

Future Home Designs

The pace at which the technology is evolving and becoming an integral part of our life, it is obvious that many new age engineering and technology will be a part of future home designs for a better living. Everyday around the world, researchers are looking for ways to introduce new technologies in designing, planning and building of the house and its interiors. Few interesting information I thought to share […]

Patio with pergola

An outdoor space for family activities with informal seating’s in a villa, bungalow or house. How to plan for a deck or patio with pergola in your house? To do so it may be essential to identify the right area to build the deck and also a patio cover or pergola based on the requirement to use that […]

Functional kitchen design

Kitchen design is the most searched and popular section for home interior design, thus gives us confidence to research the latest innovations and creativity in kitchen design around the world. Based on these findings we will provide some important and creative tips while planning the kitchen design and décor of your home. Often seen when a kitchen space is constructed in any […]

Wardrobe design to save space

Wardrobe design – Do we expect much when thinking about wardrobes or closet in our house expect the external visual decor. If a wardrobe interior shelves and accessories are planned well, it could do the necessary and equal amount of storage in a smaller dimension of wardrobe or closet. If you survey some of the […]

Ergonomic desks for office interior

Conventional or innovative or unconventional office interior design? It seems to be what may be needed to create a creative, energetic, positive and innovative workplace for a better work delivery.  This style of interior design is dependent on the type of the product, service, culture, parent location and most importantly on the core values of the organisation. It is also important to consider the […]

Solid wood contemporary furniture

Most of the differences between a finished solid wood furniture and ply/mdf based furnitures are quite significant. Furnitures in a house are generally the first impression of the home decor, let the interior design and decor be in a contemporary or traditional style where the solid wood furnitures will bring the elegance and richness in […]

Villa interior design

How to plan a villa interior design in a modern yet traditional style, so to create a fusion of modern or contemporary interior design for traditional lifestyle and it can be done in multiple ways. The fixed furnitures like wardrobes or closets, storages, book shelves, study, beds, etc can be planned in the contemporary designs with […]

Home air conditioning

Choice of home air conditioning systems available? Selection of the right air conditioning is based on the home type and one’s need. Below are the air conditioning types available in the market. Room air conditioning system, casement air conditioning system, wall air conditioning system, mini split air conditioning system, high velocity air conditioning system, tower air […]

Water body in interior design

Water body inside the house works as enhancer in the interior design and help in bringing positive energy. A water body in the interior design looks charming and elegant in the home decoration and personalise the home interiors and makes it looks posh and luxurious. The design of the water body is dependent on the […]

Kitchen garden

The kitchen garden or vegetable garden is also known as a potager (a french term) or kailyard (in Scotland) is a space different from the rest of the residential garden, the ornamental plants and lawn areas. Mostly vegetable gardens are still miniature versions of old family farm plots, but the kitchen garden is different in […]

Glass house security shutters

Gated communities luxury house trend in posh segment for less of concrete walls and more of exterior glass usage to give an openness and luxury. However there is always a concern for security and safety even if it is in gated community because no gated community is fully secured and monitored. This concern of safety […]

Smart home interior design

Smart home primarily throws impression for a home automation, where there is automation of home, house related work and household activities. A smart home can have a centralized control of its security locks for doors, lighting, HVAC (heating, ventilation and air-conditioning), home appliances and other electrical devices to improve the comfort, convenience and security for […]

Fabric for interior design

Fabric can be used in many ways to give a theme to the interior decoration, use of fabric gives flexibility and wide prospects to create extraordinary decoration, it also brings warmth to the space. Fabric can be used as curtains, upholstery, rugs or carpets, bed rolls, etc. In this upholstery is sheldom used when doing […]

Smart Interior Design for home

Home Interior Design – Smart interior design is to keep the expense low and to give an innovative and creative interior decor to your home. Interior design isn’t only about furniture design or layout or color selection or decorative home products. Its also about deciding the right interior design to complement your space and give […]

Budget apartment interior cost

Is it possible to do the interior work for a 2BHK in less than 2 lakhs budget in Bangalore, India? A very frequent question we get and we would say yes but it will have limited interior work elements. Few facts when the budget is limited and still you want to make best out of [...]

Colour ideas for bedrooms

Mix shades and prints to create different colour ideas for bedrooms. Multi-colour shades in the bedroom – If you do one wall of the bedroom with a bold colour, the room will give sophisticated and rich look. To add further and making the feel softer you can use brighter shades of fabric in the bedroom. […]

Bedroom Interior Design Cost

Interior design of a bedroom can be dependent on the house theme or it can follow its own individual theme. Bedroom interior design can be done in various ways, it can be budgeted, creative, decorative or luxurious. The interior design for the bedroom will also depend on the person using that room. The user will [...]

Design your wall

A great way to create a theme in any room is to decorate the wall with some designer elements. Some Wall decor products to add your personality, thoughts and creativity to your home, you can use E-glue, Wallz; these are the designer home decor products from France and Copenhagen respectively. E-glue is a new age […]

Interior designing process

Interior Designing which will suit the requirement of the client is not an easy job. If the client is clear with the requirements then it is more of less easy for the interior designer to design the space as per the clients expectation. However if the client is not clear with their requirements and the […]

Small apartment interior design

Metro cities like Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai, Hyderabad in India is growing and it is difficult to afford an spacious apartment to live. It can be very crucial to plan the space utilization so as to make the available spaces aesthetically and functionally meaningful. We can do this by right utilization of spaces both horizontally and vertically, [...]

Wood work for home interior

In Bangalore we have multiple options to get the wood work for home interior, it can be done from a local modular furniture manufacturer or from the importers of modular furnitures or from a team of carpenters. Opting the right vendor is dependent on the design, finishes and budget which may be finalized by you or […]

Luxury Interior Design Ideas

How to do a luxury home interior design? There are many interior design ideas to convert a house to a luxury home by following a particular interior design style. Interior designing is both creative & technical in nature, therefore consulting a interior designer may yield a better result when you are doing interior decoration of [...]

Travel theme of interior design

If you like travelling or a frequent traveller then you may like a interior décor theme for your house which may make you feel home even when you are not at home. Travelling is amazing and enriches us with lots of new learning’s & experiences in life. Therefore collecting all those memories and experiences and […]

Interior Designing Cost

A functional and minimalist interior design may bring down the expense for the interior decoration. You can ask your interior designer to design the interiors in such a way where the use of materials, skills, labour, products is minimum yet it should suffice your requirements this will help you keep your interior expense in control. However, cost for the […]

Laughing Buddha for Home

Laughing Buddha at home can bring in lots of positive energy in your house. However, few important rules one should follow as to respect the Buddha and get blessings from a grateful Buddha. When planning the interior design of your house, it is important to take care of the position and location when placing Buddha statue in […]

Traditional style room décor

Living room or bedroom design ideas for a traditional style room décor with locally made products and materials then you can think of using materials or products like loose solid wood furniture, mud brown colour on the wall, some handmade fabric lights, textured cotton rugs, curtains selected from khadi range may set up a desi […]

Featured wall in living room

Thinking on making one wall as a featured wall in living room or dining room? Then there are already many interior design ideas to do this, however few of them we are highlighting which can lighten up the home décor. Indoor or portable waterfall on the wall with some good lighting effects. (moderate – high budget) […]

Mediterranean style living

Mediterranean style interior design is mainly to represent the decor, culture and lifestyle of countries north of Mediterranean sea or you can say southern Europe. This theme of interior designing will include mostly ornate type of furniture with heavy hardware with faded sheen or gloss (bruised), painted in textured style, mosaic designs, some fireplace options, etc. […]

Bali style interior design

If you think of a Bali style interior design & décor, then you may visualize a room filled mostly with bamboo fronds and teak wood accessories. However Bali style of interior décor has also evolved into a design that presents clean lines and modern interiors, where spaces decorated in modern Bali style is light and airy, […]

Tanjore style interior decor

Chettinad or tanjore style interior décor, tanjore word draws the attention of having carved wooden furnitures, paintings of Hindu god and goddesses in vivid colours, primary wooden colour as mahogany, use of carved pillars, etc. This style of interior décor gives a very rich sense of tradition and culture, this style of interior design can be inexpensive […]

Importance of interior designing

If interior designing important while decorating the house? Designing is a process to plan before execution. Importance of interior designing & consulting can be described in multiple scenarios, for example if professional interior designers are involved before starting the work, they can help in reducing the errors & mistakes happening during interior work and achieving a […]

Where to buy designer lights in Bangalore?

It can be very tiring to find a suitable place with some good collection of designer lights in Bangalore. Generally you will find various lighting stores in the area you live, but they may not have sufficient collection to select as per your interior design. These days you will find wide collection of retail lighting which includes LED […]

Warm light in living room

Lighting effect can change the perception about a space, it’s not just the amount of light it is also the type of light. like a more fluorescent light in a area like kitchen may cast a cool light on a light yellow wall and can make it look dirty and dull, alternatively a low amount […]

Wall panel using wood plank

how we can make unfinished wooden planks to put it as wall panels and colouring them as per the room theme and lighting preferences to provide a rustic look to the wall, this way of wall panel using wood plank can be done on any one wall of the dining or living or foyer, etc.

Difference between ply, board, mdf

Different use of wood, ply, board, mdf while making furniture for home décor. How to choose right material to use when designing closet/storage/wardrobe? Mostly all the modular furniture using primarily mdf to manufacture, however carpenters advise to use ply instead for durability.  

Favourite room of a house

Which is the favourite room of a house? this depend on individuals lifestyle, habit and preference, for many it can be the dining area of their house where they spend quality time eating, chatting, lazing, etc., for some it can be kitchen or living room or some other part of the house. It is seen that we all emphasize a lot on buying big […]

Creative interior designers for home decor

For the creative interior designers, creativity is not to be conditional, it is to create masterpiece with what is available. Often seen best of the creative interior decor comes out of garage sale and ignores products. However it is a matter of one’s choice and art to convert into a masterpiece decor element in the […]

Garden in balcony

Garden in balcony – Bring life to your balcony or terrace with greeneries, mix planters with greeneries and improve terrace look and feel. You can find some tips here to bring life to the balcony or terrace of your apartment, villa or house by planning a green space or landscaping. This can be achieved in […]

Modular furniture design

Modular furniture design is a design approach that subdivides a system into smaller parts called modules, that can be independently created and then used in different systems or joined to form a final furniture. This type of furniture designs can be handmade or factory made. Modular designs are getting popular as it simplifies the manufacturing process, these […]

Alternative to tube light for decor

Panel lights can be a alternative to tube light for improving the lighting décor.

Save electricity with LED light

Key to a green home decor is to plan for an environmentally friendly interior design elements. When it comes to lighting part, it is essential to include options like energy saving LEDs for lighting, home automation to save electricity, latest solutions on optional sources to electricity i.e. solar panels, etc. LED light bulbs are an environmentally-friendly alternative to […]

Simple light design yet elegant

Creativity creativity creativity to bring the design out of simple materials. Simple light design yet elegant. This simple designer light design can bring outstanding interior design.

Colorful cushion design on white sofa

Fabric and furnishing is an important category of interior design and decoration. Interior designers play with the wide options and variety of fabric, colour, design available in fabric to bring out the décor, cosiness and warmth in the interior decoration of the space. This is an ignored category in the budgeted segment of interior design […]

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