The interior design and interior decor costs are subject to one’s preference for an interior design style and material preferences. However here we will try to depict a client’s interior design requirement for a one-bedroom and will do its associated interior cost calculation for idea representation.

This interior decor calculator provides an indicative cost or budget calculation and estimation based on different interior decoration items. Please read the guidelines to understand each of the interior design work items and calculate the approximate interior design & decoration cost.

Note:- Alternatively, if you want to understand the interior designing services fee and cost, please click here for the interior designing fee calculator.

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Standard Interiors for 2BHK starts @INR 2,99,000

Premium Interior for a 2BHK starts @INR 3,99,000

Luxury Interiors for a 2BHK starts @INR 7,99,000

The interior package is indicative and as per the standard interior units for the apartment unit. The overall cost may vary based on material type, hardware, etc.
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If you interested in knowing the Actual Interior Design Quote for your interior work, please send us your requirement summary with floorplan details and our team will help you provide an interior decor quote at the prevailing rates for your project requirements. Fill form below with details for us to provide you quote.

We have a team of talented and creative interior designers, who specialize in designing functional interior spaces for both residential & commercial properties from floor plans, material selection, and unique concept spaces. Our interior designers can support you with the complete cost for interior designing & decoration, turn-key projects of your 2BHK, 3BHK, Villa, Bungalow, commercial space, renovation, etc.

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