HomDe prioritizes hygiene products for consumer need .

HomDe comes up with Smart Storage Furniture With UV Disinfectant for Improving Hygiene & Safety During COVID-19.August is here and Corona Virus is still in our concerted mind space, As the Pandemic continues customers are looking for hygiene solutions like never before and are consistently acknowledging e-commerce platforms which can reinforce their hygiene needs. we at HomDe, at each level of our company, are working restlessly to deliver the products and solutions that our customers need at this pandemic time.

Hygiene is now integral part of our life. With HomDe solutions disinfect items in touch free smart UV storage. HomDe and our strong network of distribution are working on much-needed supplies directly to the doorway of offices, organizations, people who need them. We will be focusing on providing this vital products and solutions to people in India, specifically to those organizations like hotels, restaurants, retail spaces, schools homes which will be having bulk needs.

Although it is proven and well established that outside items can carry germs and therefore need to disinfect before entering to premises. Our pre-built smart storage furniture which is best suited for the foyer or at the entrance of a residential or commercial premises which includes an automation with the touch-free operation and UV disinfectant for adding another hygiene and disinfecting capability for the items brought from outside while entering home/office. The must-have high-quality disinfectant box may support faster and more convenience in disinfecting efforts at places i.e. schools, offices, shops, homes, etc.This innovative product will enable future smart living and adding hygiene and convenience in day-to-day living. The Product is also available in Amazon to order and get delivered directly to your door step.

Our thought leaders at HomDe crafted Hi Living as a brand & product making a fully-fitted furniture with smart hardware mechanism which can work in a touch-free mode when you enter your space from outside and can help disinfect the items i.e. bags, shopping items, wallets, masks, phones, keys, etc. with the help of UV disinfection methods. In this premium UV box, UV activation works only when the lid is closed to avoid any exposure while in use.

To know more about products -Watch Video-https://youtu.be/DooxQKaepCo

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hygiene, disinfectant box,UV storage, Smart Storage Furniture With UV Disinfectant for Improving Hygiene & Safety During COVID-19
Smart home disinfectant box, Smart Storage Furniture With UV Disinfectant for Improving Hygiene & Safety During COVID-19

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