Guidelines on how to create an excellent design idea on architecture, interior design and landscaping to get a good ranking.

  1. Specify your category on which you are submitting the design idea i.e. architecture or interior designing or landscaping.
  2. Think of an idea which is unique or your own creation, do not copy others ideas to publish as it will not be approved for display.
  3. Use simple and understandable English in the content section. Be as much elaborate to explain your design acumen.
  4. Use good quality images (image size should not exceed 200kb) to relate your design idea.
  5. The content flow should be grammatically correct and the content should be well structured in paragraphs.
  6. Low cost and a affordable design always gets a good visibility. However sky can be the limit for creativity, so create your design ideas sensibly to target all segment of visitors.
  7. Design idea should be practical and executable, preferably if you can describe on how the design can be realized.
  8. Design idea should be user friendly and functional because a functional friendly design is rated better than a visually friendly design.
  9. Promoting go-green concept will have edge.
  10. Above is just to give you a kick start to think and create in right direction. We welcome your suggestions on how we can improve the design submission, please write to us on