Below you will find FAQ on interior design by people looking for interior design & décor solution. We do understand that it is a tricky decision to make to identify the right professional to handover the job.

If we are based out of Bangalore, how you can address our interior design requirements?

Our comprehensive list of questionnaire helps us to gather sufficient information about the clients interior requirements. We also have multiple communication channel and staged communication to ensure the requirement iterations and confirmation are done between the designer and the client. Before accepting any project we also agree if we have our vendors who will perform the execution.

Also we encourage and recommend our clients to provide as much inputs and any ideabook, reference image, which helps us understand your design preference and the design team prepares the interior design draft based on the style of the requirement and any discussed budget.

What are the pre-requisites to start the design work?

To fill the interior requirement questionnaire and a work-order to start the work.

What are the deliverables for interior design & consulting?

Requirement analysis.
Site visit.
Theme creation.
2D Design draft.
Final designs.
Working drawings.
Reference images.
Vendor support.
3D Views (optional)
Material & product selection support.
Project costing.
Designer support & guidance during project execution.

What is the project costing process?

Project costing is dependent on the amount of design work done and the type of materials/products/finishes/vendors selected. It can be done correctly post final design draft.

What is the right budget for a 2BHK or 3BHK apartment?

It is a difficult question, however we advice to spend anywhere between 15-20% of the property cost to get a decent interior work which will complement the apartment type i.e. if the property is on a lower budget then spending lower end like 15% of property cost will not burden. Here the design/material/work quantity will control the budget and will ensure to meet the mandatory work-items of interior work.

What are the most common style of interior preferred?

Contemporary, Modern, Classical

What is the standard project duration?

Depends on the design and size of the property. It will be indicated at the start of the project.

Do you only take up the design work?

Yes, we also take up only design & consulting work.

Do you provide 3D views of the interior design?

It is optional and at an extra fee per view.

How do I understand 2D drawings?

2D drawings are quite understandable to visualize the design.

What is working drawing?

Detailed drawings with measurements to execute different work-items at the site.

Can we ask for additional work during the execution process?

Yes, however it can impact the budget and time duration.

What is our participation during the execution process?

Once the design/BOQ is final and the execution work is in progress, you can leave everything on us and we take all the headache to get the work completed as per the agreed design/BOQ. However it is important to note that sometimes few practical changes are incorporated by the execution team, however for the same the execution team will approach you for intimation & approval.

What is breakup sheet or BOQ?

It is a detailed break-up of work-items to provide an understanding on the project costing. It is only prepared after the final design process.

What is a reference image?

These are sample images to understand the 2D drawings.

What is the project flow?

typical project flow i.e. initial requirement analysis -> interior design draft -> budget check -> detail project costing -> project cost confirmation -> execution.

Is there any minimum budget to accept the project?


What is the service duration post hand-over of the project?

6 months support on fixing any defects.

What hardware are used in the project?

We use only branded hardware i.e. hettich, hefele, blum, ebco, etc. However the selection is done based on the project type and budget.

Do you use factory made or hand made woodwork for projects?

Both and as per the project requirements.