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A designer furniture is primarily designed by professional interior designers while creating interior design for the space, this is to ensure that the furniture are exclusively designed, selected, picked or manufactured to compliment the interior design.

Furniture for different spaces of a house can be done in various ways, the kitchen of the house mostly needs a special attention while planning the kitchen furniture design, it can be modular kitchen furniture made by modular furniture manufacturer or a tailor made kitchen wood work by carpenters at the site. Kitchen furniture should be done with waterproof ply and can have different finish based on the interior design.

The wood work expense generally range between Rs. 1800 to Rs. 8000 (this is indicative) for each square feet (SFT) of kitchen furniture and the pricing is based on the type of finishing by vendors or manufacturer or brand. However the kitchen wood work may need to enhance by means of right modular kitchen accessories to make it functional for the end user.

Some popular brand for modular kitchen manufacturers are Veneta Cucine, Kutchina, Sleek, Hacker and for hardware and modular kitchen accessories are from Hafele, Hettich, Blum, etc.

Cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai have multiple options to get the woodwork for home interior, as there are many local modular furniture manufacturer or the importers of modular furniture. Opting the right vendor is dependent on the design, finishes and budget which may be finalized by you or your interior designer.

Since suppliers of each type follows a different pricing policy and is mainly based on the design, material, hardware and accessories. There are few pros and cons of each type of wood work, which is described in detail below.

Local modular furniture manufacturer – mid range in terms of pricing, vendors recommend use of MDF/PLY for wardrobes, closets, storage and achieves moderate to good finish based on the budget. Cost can range from 800 to 4000 per sft (this is indicative only)

Imported modular furniture – Wide options, as there are many international brands and locations from where furniture are imported. Some good brands are from Germany and Italy and provides assurance of good finishing, however they mainly use MDF or HDF for these furnitures. These furniture are pricey and suitable for luxury interior designs. Term imported furniture is confusing as market is crowded with Malaysian and Chinese furniture as well. Therefore contact us if your have any query on pricing.

Carpenters made wood work may not have an edge on finishing over modular furniture but it is considered more durable. Pricing wise they are competitive and offers wide range of finishing with ply and wood. In certain style of interior design only carpenter made wood work or furniture is applicable. Stay tuned for more update in this section. Write to us if you have any suggestion or query.

If you want to calculate your bedroom interior design and decoration cost, you can use our bedroom interior cost calculator.

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