Interior design post-COVID-19

Impact of pandemic will loosen someday soon and the safety and well-being will no longer be optional, as it would have become an important part of our daily life, be at home or be at the workplace.

Every space may need to adapt interior design post-COVID-19 to ensure it has factored safety and well-being in the designing process.

The spaces may look very different as compared to today as it will need to consider scenarios of social distancing, contact-free, sanitization options, etc. well it will be question to people to what extent they want to bring safety and well-being and yet having a sense of freedom and as usual living within community, social gathering, workplaces, etc.

Our team of professionals is trying to put some ideas and thought into the interior design and decoration to highlight what changes we may bring in our lifestyle, home, office, etc. so there can be a great living style with health, safety, and well-being.

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