Wood work for home interior

In Bangalore we have multiple options to get the wood work for home interior, it can be done from a local modular furniture manufacturer or from the importers of modular furnitures or from a team of carpenters. Opting the right vendor is dependent on the design, finishes and budget which may be finalized by you or your interior designer.

Since suppliers of each type follows a different pricing policy and is mainly based on the design, material, hardware and accessories. There are few pros and cons of each type of wood work, which is described in detail below.

Local modular furniture manufacturer – Mid range in terms of pricing, vendors recommend use of MDF for wardrobes, closets, storages. Kitchen cabinets done in marine ply and achieves moderate to good finish based on the budget. Cost can range from 800 to 2500 per sft (this is indicative only)

Imported modular furniture – Wide options, as there are many international brands and locations from where furnitures are imported. Some good brands are from Germany and Italy and provides assurance of good finishing, however they mainly use MDF or HDF for these furnitures. These furnitures are pricey and suitable for luxury interior designs. Term imported furnitures is confusing as market is crowded with Malaysian and Chinese furnitures as well. Therefore contact us if your have any query on pricing.

Carpenters made wood work may not have an edge on finishing over modular furnitures but it is considered more durable. Pricing wise they are competitive and offers wide range of finishing with ply and wood. In certain style of interior design only carpenter made wood work or furnitures is applicable. Stay tuned for more update in this section. Write us if you have any suggestion or query.

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