Warm light in living room

Lighting effect can change the perception about a space, it’s not just the amount of light it is also the type of light. like a more fluorescent light in a area like kitchen may cast a cool light on a light yellow wall and can make it look dirty and dull, alternatively a low amount of warm incandescent lighting on a green wall may appear dark or it may appear grey. Therefore the correct choice of lighting is very important to give a content to décor to ensure either in daylight or during the artificial lighting the area retains the original décor and do not appear different.

Warm light in living room or bedroom brings a whole new perception about that room and make you feel relaxed. Lets look at the living room picture above with warm lighting where it brings a sense of coziness and relaxed environment.

Lighting ideas for bedroom and for living room can be different and is planned based on the utility purposes.

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