Traditional style room décor

Living room or bedroom design ideas for a traditional style room décor with locally made products and materials then you can think of using materials or products like loose solid wood furniture, mud brown colour on the wall, some handmade fabric lights, textured cotton rugs, curtains selected from khadi range may set up a desi style room décor. However a right planning and combination of the above mentioned décor items will give a good desi or a traditional theme.

To find some good collection of desi home décor products near by, you can explore collections at fabindia, thar, mother earth furniture stores where you may get the desired set of furniture, fabric, lighting. If you have already planned the theme you want to set then it will be only about searching the matching décor products otherwise you can involve an interior designer to plan your theme and help in finding the related products, materials, installation guidelines, etc.

Traditional style of interior design can also be termed as desi style, this style of interior design can be done using non-expensive materials to using most expensive materials and therefore setting up a budget will depend on the creative implementation of the designs by the interior designers.

We will value and appreciate any creative suggestions to this topic, which may be informational to other readers by means of sharing information on product, vendor, design idea, DIYs or discounts.

Traditional home interior…

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