Small apartment interior design

Metro cities like Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai, Hyderabad in India is growing and it is difficult to afford an spacious apartment to live. It can be very crucial to plan the space utilization so as to make the available spaces aesthetically and functionally meaningful.

We can do this by right utilization of spaces both horizontally and vertically, this may need a good interior design and plan. Let’s consider a small apartment in Bangalore to describe, how a thoughtfully done interior design can transform the space for a great living.

A budgeted 2BHKs are being offered in a range of 800-900 SFT, which is fairly less for a family to live. Therefore it becomes important to plant the space utilization correctly. A good interior design with smart interior solution should solve the issue of limited space.

Furniture layout plan can be modified to utilize space correctly. In a small living room it is wise to plan the light or folding furniture designs and not to clutter with unnecessary furniture, the living room can have wall mounted TV unit and storage, the colour palette of the living room can be white or very light shade to give a sense of bigger space, bright lighting can be preferred for smaller spaces. These small planning and detailing in the apartment interior design for the living room can bring a great functional interior décor.

Interior designers are offering smart interior design solutions in Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi where small apartment are getting popular. Cost for the interior designing is also considered to complement the type of apartment and customers requirements.

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