Pocket Doors For Small Spaces

What is a pocket door? How much popular are pocket doors in India?

When there is not enough interior room space, a pocket door can be a perfect alternative for better space usability where a hinge or swing door can create a cramped sense of space. A pocket door is an architectural approach with a great way to save floor and wall space.

Pocket doors are hung from the top which slides along the wall and disappears into the space inside the wall. Heavy-duty and durable pocket doors are created with a combination of the right design, right hardware and right door panels for a premium and long-lasting experience. Since modern real estate spaces are small and expensive, therefore pocket doors can be a good door alternative for bathrooms, closets, laundry, utility and home office rooms.

As compared to the hinge or swing door, a pocket doors is a great way to create more room space as it slides along the top door track and disappears inside the wall or along the wall for making a better use of space, especially for small room sizes. Good pocket door designs creates better visual aesthetic as compared to the swing doors.

With reducing space sizes in metro cities, pocket doors in Bangalore will help transform tight spaces to function better.

pocket door in India

Since pocket doors run on top tracks, this requires considerably higher maintenance as compared to hinge or swing doors. However a good quality packaged pocket door that is made with high-quality hardware can ensure longer durability and lower maintenance. In recent times the usage of pocket doors in India is increasing with the premium residential properties, where customers want to have improved sense of interior room spaces. The installation of pocket doors requires prior planning either at the construction or interior design/decoration phase for the right aesthetics, visuals and experience.

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