Patio with pergola

An outdoor space for family activities with informal seating’s in a villa, bungalow or house.

How to plan for a deck or patio with pergola in your house? To do so it may be essential to identify the right area to build the deck and also a patio cover or pergola based on the requirement to use that space. A deck or a patio can be a casual outdoor area for family activities with coffee table, barbeque, etc.

It may not be essential to have a pergola or patio cover for the deck area, however if one wants to use in all weather situation then having a cover in the form of pergola or patio cover may be meaningful.

Comparing between pergola and patio cover, pergola is a structure which is free standing and is usually placed within the landscape. It can be created in a pathway to define the walking space, or it can cover a outdoor patio or entertaining spaces. Whereas patio covers are very similar to pergolas, except it is attached to the house. This can help in saving some cost, because the patio cover uses house for support to build when compared to a freestanding structure.

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3 thoughts on “Patio with pergola

  1. Gayathri says:

    Very interesting! Can we also have a jali/cut out as the roofing material for pergola. Please suggest and if yes, how much cost will it incur as compared to the conventional wooden/metal/glass pergola.


  2. interior decorators in hyderabad says:

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  3. Planter says:

    Aluminum pergolas can be designed to mimic wood, and they can add elegance to your home s outdoor living space. Aluminum pergolas can also stand up to the elements while resisting decay.

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