Mediterranean style living

Mediterranean style interior design is mainly to represent the decor, culture and lifestyle of countries north of Mediterranean sea or you can say southern Europe. This theme of interior designing will include mostly ornate type of furniture with heavy hardware with faded sheen or gloss (bruised), painted in textured style, mosaic designs, some fireplace options, etc. the colours used here will present nature around sea, like lavender, yellow, terracotta, etc.

A heavy use of teak wood furnitures, use of faded gloss or sheen on wooden furniture produced by age and polishing, sandblasted door or shutters or windows, interior designers use this theme of make the interior decoration ornate and grandeur. Mediterranean style interior design & décor is a good example of plush & rich living.

As described this style of interior design will be expensive as it includes heave use of art and decorative work, a heavy design on the walls and ceiling may be needed to define the luxury and richness of the interior decor.

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