Low maintenance home interior

Domestic help is becoming rare and expensive and hence low maintenance home interior is becoming popular. A low maintenance home interior is a house setup which provides a comfortable living with minimal maintenance for lighting, home appliances, painting, cleaning, washing, cooking, etc.

Let’s look at what are the possible options to create a low maintenance and efficient home interior.

  1. Interior design to ensure minimum possibility of dust or dirt accumulation, minimal design yet functional interior for maximum possible open space, use of self cleaning mechanism or robots, etc. great planning and design for a convenient waste disposal system.
  2. Use of long lasting light bulbs like LEDs will ensure low maintenance for a long duration.
  3. Right choice of paints for both interior and exterior, washable paints in the high traffic areas for families with kids and pets will protect from an early repainting.
  4. Empowering home interiors with good combination of home appliances based on residents lifestyle will allow easy home activities like washing, drying, cooking.
  5. Maintenance is not limited to above only, it is also to protect the house and home interior for long from termites, corrosion and other agents.

In order to plan a low maintenance house and its interior design will depend on the residents, their lifestyle and their daily living needs. It is an exhaustive activity and a proper study may be needed for both architectural and interior designs. If you want to hire us to plan your home interior, send your requirements to contact@hi-living.netIf you are looking for an online interior designing & consulting (First one hour is FREE – TRY OUT)

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