Laughing Buddha for Home

Laughing Buddha at home can bring in lots of positive energy in your house. However, few important rules one should follow as to respect the Buddha and get blessings from a grateful Buddha.

When planning the interior design of your house, it is important to take care of the position and location when placing Buddha statue in your house i.e. you should never keep Buddha in a bathroom or kitchen, height placement should be taken care, do not place near electrical outlets or any equipment with moving parts and motors. As these may disturb the positive energy flowing from the laughing Buddha. The best location to keep Buddha statue is facing the entrance. The bigger the Buddha statue is it is better.

Presence of Buddha brings in peace and tranquillity around and is very common to keep Buddha at home in Asian style of interior decoration or home décor. If you need a professional advice from interior designers, you can write to us. Also in Bangalore, you can check the stores like Tarang or Thar for some collection of Buddha statue for home decoration.

If you are looking for interior designer solution for your apartment or villa, send us your detailed requirement with floorplan to and we will revert back with a proposal.

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