Interior designing process

Interior Designing which will suit the requirement of the client is not an easy job. If the client is clear with the requirements then it is more of less easy for the interior designer to design the space as per the clients expectation. However if the client is not clear with their requirements and the requirements are changing then the interior designer has to spend more time on designing a final version of the space. The interior designing process will be dependent on the clients profession, lifestyle, likes, hobbies, food habits and also will also include the interests of the family members. Client’s interests should be prioritized over the interior designers philosophy while working on the project.

Designing a house interior which is a fusion of contemporary and traditional theme where the client is only clear with the high level requirements. In this case the interior designers will have to spend lots on time in the requirement gathering phase to ensure the client has been able express all their requirements correctly. If we are considering a home interior in Bangalore, then the contemporary component will be common but to fuse it with traditional theme, interior designer has to consider traditional style of living in Bangalore, climatic condition, locally available materials to plan the interior design.

Whereas if the project is located in Goa, in the requirement analysis phase interior designers will have different set of questions to give a fusion of contemporary and traditional style of interior design.

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