Healthy home décor

An interior design for a house which provides a healthy home interior. Very often seen that there are poor cross ventilation, low lighting, clean air issues,  in many houses which leads to poor quality living and hence unhealthy life. However, by means of some good interior design and smart setting up the interior work of the house, one can improve the healthy living condition in the house.

What are the important features to make a healthy home interior? Good breathing spaces, sufficient natural lighting, cross ventilation, good air quality, eco-friendly materials & products, others. An interior designers may consider combination of above features while doing the interior designing of a house to ensure that it is a healthy home decor.

To retain maximum breathing spaces, the interior design should avoid extensive false ceiling or no false ceiling to save from lowering the ceiling height.

Avoiding dark and heavy curtains to restrict natural lighting in the house. If it is an independent house or a villa, then a good source of natural lighting can be from the correct positioning of windows and use of skylights during architectural designs.

It is known that we have heavy pollution in metro cities and chances of indoor pollution very high which can lead to a unhealthy living. Therefore home solutions to eradicate indoor pollution and improving breathing air quality will give a healthy home.

Use of eco-friendly and chemical free home decor materials and products, which will minimise any chance of having unhealthy materials and products in your home interior.

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