Future Home Technologies

Global technology companies are exploring possibilities with future home market. Today internet has become commonly available to everyone and an inevitable part of everyone’s life, and thus technology companies are exploring possibilities with it to create innovative products and services to offer for future homes.

Let’s look at what are the different scenarios for a future home and how it can be addressed with new and smart technology products and services.

1. Smart electrical switches and lights
2. Smart electricity consumption measurement and control
3. Advanced home monitoring for increased safety & security
4. Advanced home automation using IoT concept
5. Many more

As of today we stand at the start of this shift in the way we design & plan a space i.e. house, flat, building, society, etc. and we will experience new ways of comfort, safety and living.

Smart switches for lights

Smart switches relate to anything with the automation of switching it on/off. How about controlling a light and turning ON automatically when somebody enters the room or when the room is occupied. Vice-versa turning the lights or switches OFF when not in use.

Smart electricity metering and control

Use of smart lights & switches will optimize energy consumption and will build an efficient electricity control system for energy saving.

The idea for smart home or home automation will get popular with interior designing and decoration, as this brings simplicity, safety and efficiency to any space.

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