Future Home Designs

The pace at which the technology is evolving and becoming an integral part of our life, it is obvious that many new age engineering and technology will be a part of future home designs for a better living.

Everyday around the world, researchers are looking for ways to introduce new technologies in designing, planning and building of the house and its interiors. Few interesting information I thought to share with home design enthusiasts, “what may be next” in house exterior and interior designs.

Next generation house exterior and interior design will have some important elements to make a self sustained house for all its requirements.

1. A house capable to generate electricity on its own using different methods i.e. solar energy, wind energy, energy through waste, etc. It will depend on which one is suitable to include while planning and building the house based on different geographical regions and climatic condition.

Some solar energy companies providing home electricity solutions by means of solar panels are Tata Solar, India goes solar, Su-Kam. Some more technical info on home solar energy for bangalore can be found at Solarmango.

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2. Underground water and municipal water supply will become rare in urban localities. Use of portable water treatment plants for individual homes to process and reuse the water for the day to day use will be an important element of the future house designs. Find some company links to understand more on water treatment methods and cost for portable drinking water treatment plant, sewage treatment plant article, home water treatment systems.

3. An efficient waste management system for individual houses for waste disposal with or without generating energy. It is evident that in the future there will be huge demand for formal waste management within each house units and recycle it to multiple utilities and make it 100% recyclable.

4. Advanced home control systems to control and manage electric consumption, water consumption, based on usage and requirements of the residents.

5. New age climate control system of the house to personalize the temperature and air based on individual’s preference and health condition.

6. An advanced security and access control systems based on self identification of the residents and workers for different rooms or areas of the house for a highly secure living.

The future home design requirements list will grow with time. If you wish to consult us for your home design or advanced home interior designs, send us your query.

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