Featured wall in living room

Thinking on making one wall as a featured wall in living room or dining room? Then there are already many interior design ideas to do this, however few of them we are highlighting which can lighten up the home décor.

Indoor or portable waterfall on the wall with some good lighting effects. (moderate – high budget)

Indoor vertical garden on the wall with or without lighting (moderate – high budget)

Wall art painting, Murals (moderate – high budget)

Eco-panels, 3D Panels, Wallpapers on the wall (moderate budget)

Basic selection of wallpaper, wall painting to make a featured wall (low budget)

If you have a good budget there are many other ways of creating a grandeur featured wall, if you are using a water body or a vertical garden in the living room it will set your living room with full of positive energy. An indoor vertical garden or a indoor water body may need a high maintenance, but the maintenance effort can be worth as it gives a very good sense of living in the midst of nature.

A good use of waste or rustic wood to cover a wall will also create a very good décor as shown in the images. There are other economical ways of decorating your wall, please get in touch with us for an advise on interior design & décor needs.

Location, climatic condition influences planning of interior design. Contact us for an advice from interior designers in Bangalore, Goa, India for local style or traditional style design ideas.

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