Colour ideas for bedrooms

Mix shades and prints to create different colour ideas for bedrooms.

Multi-colour shades in the bedroom – If you do one wall of the bedroom with a bold colour, the room will give sophisticated and rich look. To add further and making the feel softer you can use brighter shades of fabric in the bedroom.

Having walls white in the bedroom will give a sense of bigger space and flexibility to decorate in various styles, also in turn it will help constantly changing the style of the room.

If you like prints everywhere in your bedroom then it is safe to stay with the similar colour palette. This will soothe the feel of the print and will provide elegance in the bedroom.

If the bedroom has a multi purpose utility then use of terracotta and natural tones will provide a warm and comfortable feeling in the bedroom. For hard use areas where areas are prone to become dirty easily, one can use weather proof ultra paint which is easy to clean and smooth to touch, suitable for areas like kitchen, bathrooms and children rooms.

If your room requires special design or want to give a theme to the room using color palette, you can write to our interior designers for more ideas and advice.

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