Budget apartment interior cost

Is it possible to do the interior work for a 2BHK in less than 2 lakhs budget in Bangalore, India?

A very frequent question we get and we would say yes but it will have limited interior work elements. Few facts when the budget is limited and still you want to make best out of it.

You should know the vendor from where you can procure your ready made furniture, custom make can be avoided as it may be comparatively expensive.

A three-door ready made wardrobes (size 7 feet * 4 feet) will cost you between 25K-50K each based on the quality and finish.

A basic kitchen cabinets for a kitchen of 7 feet * 8 feet size. The overall kitchen cabinet may cost between 75K – 100K for a basic finish.

You can consider a budget of 25K for lighting in all the bedrooms, kitchen, utility, dining, balcony (if available) and living rooms. Without expecting
any electrical points change/additions and only installation.

Basic utility accessories for bathroom, utility can be considered to make the area meaningfully functional.

You can search DIYs and ask for free advice rather than consulting professional interior designers to save design & consulting fees. And this way you can achieve to do a budget apartment interior in cost.

If you need a professional interior designer to help you with the design and decor services, please write to contact@hi-living.net. (or) Alternatively you can schedule an appointment with designer to know the interior design fee and seek initial advise on style, decor budget, etc. this meeting is an online discussion (First one hour is FREE – TRY OUT)

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