Bali style interior design

If you think of a Bali style interior design & décor, then you may visualize a room filled mostly with bamboo fronds and teak wood accessories. However Bali style of interior décor has also evolved into a design that presents clean lines and modern interiors, where spaces decorated in modern Bali style is light and airy, almost minimalist, yet offers comfort at the same time.

Many design elements in this style of interior décor is easy do-it-yourself type and can be created using both inexpensive and expensive materials & products. Here the creativity of an interior designer is the limit to create a beautiful set-up, a limited use or no use of bamboo with some indoor greenery can provide a perfect balinese interior décor. Predominantly in this theme there is use of nature, natural products and happy buddha while planning the interior design to represent this style.

Contemporary Balinese living is basically a fusion of contemporary with Balinese interior which can be achieved by mixing different interior work items intelligently together with creativity.

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